Eavesdropping In: Key Gaddafi Minister Defects; Britney Spears Sued For $10 Mil; Today L.A. Gets HOT!; Brad Goreski Lands Own Bravo Show; Ventura High School's Weed Candy Problem

by Emily Green · March 31, 2011

    Under mounting pressure from the West and rebels in Libya, foreign minister Moussa Koussa, a high-ranking member of Gaddafi's regime and close confidant resigns [HuffPo]

    Brand Sense Partners is suing Britney Spears for $10 million for violating a contract of the pop star's fragrance line deal [KABC]

    This time last week temperatures plunged into the unholy 40s and it was pouring, but today is expected to have near-record highs in the 90s [LAT]

    It was only a matter of time: Rachel Zoe's former right-hand gay Brad Goreski is getting his own Bravo reality show [PE]

    Ventura County is having a bit of an issue with marijuana-laced candy bars after a teacher and student ate some offered to them by another student and "became ill" [KTLA]