Eavesdropping In: Kris Jenner Supports Dina Lohan; Sean Parker Backs Marijuana Legalization; Knott's Roller Coaster Crash; Anderson Cooper Will Pass On Vince Vaughn's Movie; Teen TV Star's $8.3 Million Contract

by Emily Green · October 8, 2010

    Kris Jenner has been Dina Lohan's pillar of support through Lindsay's recent downward spiral [Post]

    Facebook's former president Sean Parker contributes $100k to the campaign to legalize marijuana in CA [HuffPo]

    Roller coaster crash at Knott's Berry Farm leaves 10 injured [LATimes]

    Anderson Cooper will not be seeing Vince Vaughn's movie "The Dilemma" due to a gay joke included in the trailer [PE]

    Teen star's contract for "Two and a Half Men" guarantees he'll make a minimum of $8.3 million over the next two seasons [TMZ]