Eavesdropping In: L.A. Gang Sweep Finds Cellphone Store Selling Crack; Arnold's $65k "Gift" To Mistress; Lindsay Gets Restraining Order; Parking Ticket VIP "Gold Card Desk"; Obama's Address On Middle East

by Emily Green · May 20, 2011

    LAPD and FBI agents arrest dozens in gang sweep where members of the Black P Stone Bloods gang were operating a South L.A. cellphone store, selling crack cocaine over the counter. [LATimes]

    A year ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a $65,000 down payment on mistress and ex-housekeeper Mildred "Patty" Baena's $268,000 Bakersfield home. [TMZ]

    Lindsay Lohan gets a restraining order against that "freemason stalker" she's been tweeting about. [KTLA]

    Evidently there's a "Gold Card Desk" at the L.A. Department of Transportation for VIP treatment in making parking tickets go away that the Mayor's office and City Council have access to. [KABC]

    President Obama asserts that Moammar Gaddafi will "inevitably" leave or be ousted from power as NATO intensifies bombing of Libyan warships. [HuffPo]