Eavesdropping In: Libya Falling To Opposition; New Generation MacBook Pros Released; Discovery Launches Final Space Mission; Eminem Most Popular Person On Facebook; Toyota Recall

by Emily Green · February 24, 2011

    Libya's Moammar Kadafi is increasingly losing control over the country as cities fall to the opposition one by one and more join the movement to oust him [LATimes]

    Apple releases the next generation of MacBook Pros which they say are up to twice as fast as the previous generation [HuffPo]

    Space shuttle Discovery launches from Cape Canaveral today for its last journey into the final frontier after almost three decades of space travel [KTLA]

    Eminem trumps Lady Gaga on Facebook, is officially the most popular living person with 28.88 million Facebook fans and has hit 1 billion YouTube views [PE]

    Toyota recalls 2.17 million cars in U.S. for faulty gas pedals getting stuck in floor mats and carpeting [KABC]