Eavesdropping In: Lindsay Banned From Trousdale For Getting Trailer Park, Bret Michaels Remains In ICU, Plans For Park Over 101, Boob Pillows, "Mad Men" Actor Doesn't Own A Toilet

by Emily Green · April 26, 2010

    Lindsay banned from Trousdale after chucking a glass at Sam Ronson's head [TMZ]

    Bret Michaels remains in ICU for brain hemorrhage that started Thursday [MTV]

    How would you feel about a massive park over the 101 connecting Civic Center and Chinatown? [LATimes]

    Introducing the boob pillow (yes, an actual pillow meant for boobs) [Glamour]

    "Mad Men's" Vincent Katheiser is an extreme minimalist, and quite literally lives in a wooden box with no toilet [Huffington Post]