Eavesdropping In: Lindsay To Leave Rehab Early; Mike Comrie's Bachelor Party At Trousdale; New High Records For Youth Unemployment; Prop 8 Judge Doubts His Ruling Can Be Appealed; Jennifer Aniston's Bill O'Reilly Slight

by Emily Green · August 13, 2010

    According to Dina Lohan, Lindsay won't be doing the full court-ordered 90 days of rehab [TMZ]

    Hilary Duff's fiancé, Mike Comrie, has his bachelor party at Trousdale [Post]

    In case you weren't aware, finding work as a young adult has never been harder [CNBC]

    Judge is doubtful Prop 8 sponsors can legally appeal his ruling to overturn ban on gay marriage [HP]

    Jennifer Aniston one-ups Bill O'Reilly on parenting issue [PE]