Eavesdropping In: Lindsay's Crimes Against The Law... And Fashion; Elevator Traps The Jonas Brothers; Suge Knight's Back In Jail; Bad Times For American Apparel; You Won't Be Seeing Megan Fox In The Next Transformers

by Emily Green · May 20, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan didn't let the fact that she needed to be here in L.A. for a court hearing this morning in order to avoid becoming a fugitive stand in her way of partying it up in Cannes last night in one of the most hideous ensembles we've seen in a while. Really, you have to see, it's so hein. It's like Spice Girls circa '96, but worse. [TMZ]

    Why didn't the Jonas brothers just sing their way out of the elevator they were stuck in at The Grove for 30 minutes in a soulful three-part harmony? [NYPost]

    Well, well, well... We've been wondering when Suge Knight would surface again in another story involving gangster behavior.  The infamous ex-record exec is currently being held in jail downtown for assault with a deadly weapon. Oh, and another shocker: he drives a big white Escalade. Way to keep it low-key, dude. [KTLA]

    It's looking really bleak for American Apparel right now... they may be forced to default on their debt. Where will you get your deep V-necks and hoodies if they go out of business?? [HuffingtonPost]

    Oh, snap! Michael Bay has decided to give Shia LaBeouf "a new love interest that makes more sense" for Transformers 3, meaning not Megan Fox -- she is completely cut from the script. Do we smell a little payback for Fox's comments last summer in which she compared the director to Hitler and Napoleon? [HuffingtonPost]