Eavesdropping In: Lindsay's Going To Jail, Villaraigosa Backs May Day March, Madge Makes Amends With Her Trainer, Chance To Meet Anna Wintour Goes For $42.5K, Watermelons Come In Squares Now

by Emily Green · April 30, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan will finally have to face the music: jail time for ditching booze ed classes [TMZ]

    Mayor Villaraigosa wants you to join the 100,000 participants expected for the May Day march tomorrow [LAT]

    ...And everyone sighs with relief as Madonna and her fitness guru bury the hatchet [NYPost]

    Some poor sap actually paid $42,500 to intern for a week under Anna Wintour at Vogue [Stylelist]

    Would you pay $75 for the new square (literally cube-shaped!) watermelons they will retail for? [Huffington Post]