Eavesdropping In: Man Firebombs Taco Bell Over Chalupas; Nicole Richie Is Now Anti-Slutty Costumes; Beware Of Marijuana-Laced Halloween Candy; Cardinals Force World Series Game 7; 'Expendables 2' Stuntman Dies On Set

by Emily Green · October 28, 2011

    A man firebombs a Taco Bell in Albany, Georgia after drive-thru employees deny his demands to correct his XL Chalupas he claimed didn't have enough meat in them. [KTLA]

    Nicole Richie wants girls to pledge to not dress slutty for Halloween, so she must be suffering from amnesia of her pre-Rachel Zoe makeover days. But we have not forgotten, missy! [HuffPo]

    The L.A. Sheriff's Department wants you to watch out for marijuana-laced candies when trick-or-treating. What kind of sick, sick individual voluntarily wastes perfectly good edibles like that? [KABC]

    Didn't see the game yesterday because baseball doesn't really agree with my low tolerance for extended periods of boredom, but heard last night's Cardinals' major comeback win in World Series Game 6 against the Rangers that has forced a Game 7 was a pretty huge deal. [LATimes]

    Stuntman dies on set of Expendables 2, starring Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger Jet Li, and Jason Statham, while performing a big stunt involving an explosion. [TMZ]