Eavesdropping In: Massive Earthquake Devastates Japan; Walker Signs Wisconsin Union Bill; Teen Jumps Off Golden Gate Bridge On Field Trip, Survives; Charlie & Co. Eat Burgers During Cop Raid; Jay-Z Helping Willow Smith

by Emily Green · March 11, 2011

    A devastating 8.9 earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded, hits Japan, too much damage to assess the extent, at least hundreds killed [LATimes]

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signs the bill into law taking away the state's employees' collective bargaining rights [HuffPo]

    A high school student jumps off the Golden Gate Bridge while on a field trip, probably because his classmates dared him, and survives [KTLA]

    Charlie Sheen, his lawyer, and friends sit in his backyard eating burgers while cops raid his house for weapons only to uncover an 1800s antique rifle [TMZ]

    Jay-Z is helping Miss Whip My Hair with her debut album but Willow Smith says he's not her boss, but a "creative mentor" [PE]