Eavesdropping In: Neurotoxin Found In Redondo Fish; Usher Sex Tape?; Japanese Disaster Aftermath; iPhones Botch Daylight Savings; "Battle: Los Angeles" Steals Weekend Box Office

by Emily Green · March 14, 2011

    Biologists find a dangerous neurotoxin in samples of dead fish from Redondo Beach's King Harbor that may be linked to the massive die-off [KTLA]

    Is there an Usher sex tape made with ex-wife Tameka Foster being shopped around town? [TMZ]

    Japan disaster aftermath: death toll expected to be in tens of thousands, two hydrogen explosions at nuclear plant release radiation as workers try to prevent another, half a million people displaced [LATimes]

    iPhones on AT&T and Verizon's networks botch daylight savings time change, either not changing at all or moving back one hour instead of ahead [KABC]

    Battle: Los Angeles wins the weekend box office like a summer blockbuster while Red Riding Hood and others score underwhelming sales [HuffPo]