Eavesdropping In: No "Mad Men" 'Til 2012?; Japan's Nuclear Crisis Worsens; First Photos Of Mercury!; Jennifer Aniston To Direct A Lifetime Movie; Jeff Bridges Is Pretty Much The Dude

by Emily Green · March 30, 2011

    Matt Weiner, I know you're the creator and everything but you better figure out a deal with AMC and Lionsgate FAST because I cannot wait until 2012 for the next season of "Mad Men", okay? [LATimes]

    Japan's nuclear crisis worsens as even higher levels of radiation are found in several natural resources including tap water [HuffPo]

    NASA releases first photos ever of Mercury! [KABC]

    Oh dear, didn't realize things had gotten this bad: Jennifer Aniston won't just star in shitty movies, but will now actually direct them... for Lifetime [PE]

    I don't think Jeff Bridges had to dig too deep into his soul for his legendary role as The Dude and you might not either if you watch this video of him at Toscana [TMZ]