Eavesdropping In: Obama Justifies U.S. In Libya; Abercrombie's Padded Bikini For 7-Year-Olds; Unusual Radiation At L.A. Port; Will Ferrell's New Gig?; Willie Nelson May Sing His Way To Freedom In Court

by Emily Green · March 29, 2011

    In first address to the nation 10 days after launching military action in Libya, President Obama justifies U.S. intervention [LAT]

    In other disturbing news, Abercrombie & Fitch now makes a padded bikini top, formerly marketed as the "push-up triangle", for girls as young as age 7 [KABC]

    Above average radiation levels officials insist are too low to pose a threat detected at Port of Los Angeles, the nation's busiest container port [KTLA]

    With Steve Carrell bowing out after seven seasons, could Will Ferrell's upcoming four-episode stint on "The Office" become a permanent gig? [PE]

    The prosecutor in the case of Willie Nelson's weed possession bust is offering a sweet deal of a $100 fine IF he sings "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" in court [TMZ]