Eavesdropping In: Obscene 'Little Fockers' Cast Salary; CES 2011 Trend Predictions; Snoop Flies Southwest, Just Like You!; Press Secretary Robert Gibbs To Resign; L.A. Street Literally Swallows Parked Car

by Emily Green · January 5, 2011

    If true, is it not borderline offensive that Jessica Alba got paid $3 million of the reported $70 million cast salary total for her role in Razzie-nominated worst picture, Little Fockers? Kinda focked up, no? [Post]

    Dork out with this list of trend predictions for CES 2011, like smartphone TV and internet for your Nike shoes! [HuffPo]

    We kind of love that Snoop flies the sick joke for an airline that is Southwest on his way home from winning a $20k bet [TMZ]

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is resigning as the administration's spokesperson to become an adviser for President Obama's reelection campaign [LATimes]

    There's an assumed risk when leaving your car parked and unattended in L.A., but you probably never considered that the street could literally swallow it whole. True story! [KTLA]