Eavesdropping In: OC Judge Accused Of Fixing Friends, Pastor Traffic Tickets; Blogger Sues Huff Post & AOL For $105 Mil; Kobe Tantrums, Calls Ref Gay Slur; Benicio Del Toro Is Kimberly Stewart's Babydaddy; Newsweek Owner Dies

by Emily Green · April 13, 2011

    Veteran OC judge Richard Stanford accused of making his friends, family, and PASTOR's pesky traffic tickets magically go away from 2003-2010 [LATimes]

    Blogger Jonathan Tasini files a lawsuit against AOL Inc. and Huffington Post for $105 million in damages on accusations of failure to pay for financially beneficial content and is seeking class-action status on behalf of over 9000 other writers [KABC]

    Watch Kobe Bryant's temper tantrum in which he calls the ref a "f%#$ing f&@got" after getting called on a technical foul at last night's game. [TMZ]

    Kimberly Stewart (haven't heard about her in a HOT minute! Remember when she was engaged to Talan from "Laguna Beach"?!) is pregnant with Benicio Del Toro's baby even though they aren't even a couple. [PE]

    Newsweek owner and renowned philanthropist Sidney Harman dies at 92 of complications from leukemia. [HuffPo]