Eavesdropping In: Rachel Uchitel Gets A Playboy Spread; Ryan Seacrest & Julianne Hough?; Lindsay Tosses Drinks In NYC; Scandalous Student Talent Show Gets Asst. Principal Placed On Leave; Get Ready For The Demonstration Tonight Outside The Staples Center

by Emily Green · May 17, 2010

    Those of us who haven't already slept with her will get the chance to see Rachel Uchitel naked in Playboy. But the famed mistress wants to keep it tasteful and isn't doing full-frontal [TMZ]

    Are Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough dating? [NYPost]

    True to form, Lindsay Lohan has a temper tantrum in a NYC club and throws a drink in a model's face. You stay classy, Lohan [Popeater]

    Assistant principal of a Paramount, CA high school has been placed on leave after overseeing a student talent show in which a group of boys danced around in their undies and Speedos [Huffington Post]

    Phil Jackson upset immigration activists so much when he opted not to criticize Arizona's new immigration law that they are holding a demonstration tonight outside the Staples Center during the Lakers-Suns playoff game. Get there early if you're going to the game [KTLA]