Eavesdropping In: Rihanna, Chris Brown Reunite For Two Remixes; Affirmative Action Heads To Supreme Court; Romney Campaign Blew A Whopping $18.7M In January; Meet The Cheaper, Smaller, More Efficient Prius c; Whitney Houston Funeral Footage Sold To Benefit Bobbi Kristina

by Emily Green · February 21, 2012

    Despite the highly publicized 2009 incident in which Chris Brown violently beat up then girlfriend Rihanna, the two have reunited for not one, but TWO remixes of their songs featuring vocals by both. [KTLA]

    In October, the Supreme Court will hear a case from a white Texas student seeking to end "racial preferences" in college admissions which could result in either limited use of or an end to affirmative action at colleges and universities. [LATimes]

    Amid disappointing fundraising from donors, the campaign of GOP presidential nominee hopeful Mitt Romney blows through $18.7 million in the month of January alone, far more than any other candidate, with little to show for it in primaries and several losses to Rick Santorum. [HuffPo]

    The new Toyota Prius c ("c" for city) is the smaller, "zippier" version of the popular hybrid with a more reasonable price than its predecessor and even better gas mileage. [KABC]

    Whitney Houston's family agrees to license footage of the late singer's live-streamed funeral from the weekend to several media outlets for a hefty price that will benefit troubled 18-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina. [TMZ]