Eavesdropping In: Simon Monjack Dies; Lindsay Has A Date With The Judge; Scott Weiland Should Get Help; Teens' Deadly Game Of Russian Roulette; The Myth Of Sunscreen

by Emily Green · May 24, 2010

    Simon Monjack, husband of the late Brittany Murphy, was found dead in their Hollywood Hills home last night, just five months after the actress' untimely death [Huffington Post]

    After last week's theatrics about not being able to make it back from Cannes in time for court, Lindsay Lohan is apparently "freaked out" over the rescheduled date with Judge Marsha Revel for today [TMZ]

    At a recent photo shoot for Spin Magazine, Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, who has famously battled drugs and addiction and claims to be clean, arrived two hours late, chain-smoked, and threw back four glasses of scotch [NYPost]

    A 15-year-old girl died in the Mid-City area yesterday evening, apparently while playing Russian roulette with a gun her friend believed it had no bullets inside [LATimes]

    With summer quickly approaching, a new study reveals sunscreen may actually speed up the skin cancer we use it to prevent, and that SPF ratings are totally bogus -- seriously: SPF 100 performs like SPF 3.2 while SPF 15 performs like SPF 2 [AOLNews]