Eavesdropping In: Stem Cell Ban Overturned; Neighbor Sues Sarah Palin For $100k; Cy Waits Attacker Gets Jail Time; The Royal Wedding Happened; January Jones Is Single And Pregnant

by Emily Green · April 29, 2011

    Federal appeals court overturns a ban on taxpayer-funded stem cell research. [HuffPo]

    Alaskan sues Sarah Palin for $100k for her alleged campaign to "embarrass, discredit and silence" him in retaliation for his proposing state action to solve the traffic problem surrounding her home. [TMZ]

    Even though I feel he deserves some sort of medal of honor, that guy who attacked Paris Hilton's boyfriend Cy Waits this week has been sentenced to 227 days in jail for the incident. [KTLA]

    Kate Middleton and Prince William got married this morning at Westminster Abbey and she wore McQueen. Whoop dee woo. Now can we please stop talking about it? [LATimes]

    "Mad Men's" Betty Draper a.k.a. January Jones, currently single, reveals she's pregnant but won't say who the babydaddy is. [PE]