Eavesdropping In: "Super Committee" To Announce Defeat; Power Balance To Pay $57.4 Mil In Bogus Bracelet Settlement; Justin Bieber Serenades After Paternity Test; New, Cokey Details In Oscar De La Hoya Scandal; Police Arrest "Lone Wolf" Bomber Suspect

by Emily Green · November 21, 2011

    The leaders of the 12-member congressional bipartisan "super committee" panel created to agree upon a deficit plan are scheduled to release statements declaring defeat after three months of failed talks to arrive at a compromise. [KTLA]

    Power Balance is dishing out a $57.4 million settlement in a class action lawsuit filed by the people for selling bogus bracelets that claimed to give athletes increased balance, strength and flexibility. [TMZ]

    After taking a paternity test to prove he is not Mariah Yeater's baby daddy, Justin Bieber serenaded Selena Gomez during American Music Awards rehearsals Saturday. [HuffPo]

    Angelica Marie Cecora is suing Oscar de la Hoya for $5 million for emotional distress, assault and false imprisonment after an outrageous night at the Ritz Carlton in NYC where the boxer allegedly demanded she help him do cocaine through his private parts, among other things. [Post]

    NY Police arrest a U.S. citizen and Al Qaeda sympathizer acting as a "lone wolf" in his plot to bomb police cars and kill soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq just as he is about to test his homemade explosives. [LATimes]