Eavesdropping In: Tareq Salahi Finally Gets A Clue; Metta World Peace Is Official; Pat Robertson OKs Divorce For Spouses With Alzheimer's; January Jones Gives Birth; Charlie Sheen Just Kidding!

by Emily Green · September 16, 2011

    After his wife ran off with Journey guitarist Neal Schon thinking she had been kidnapped, Tareq Salahi files for divorce from Michaele Salahi and has supposedly already changed the locks. Obviously he's quite slow on the uptake so these are bold maneuvers. Proud of you, big guy. [TMZ]

    Don't call him 'Ron Artest'! The highly anticipated name change of our own Lakers star we can always count on to keep us on our toes becomes effective today, so that's Mr. Metta World Peace to you. [KTLA]

    Christians are offended by super right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson's comments condoning divorce if a spouse has Alzheimer's, but not by the ones where he said 9/11 was god's punishment for our country's tolerance of abortion and homosexuality. [LATimes]

    January Jones gives birth to her baby boy, Xander Dane Jones, while the babydaddy remains a mystery. [HuffPo]

    Charlie Sheen expresses a bit shame and regret to Jay Leno for his outrageous behavior bender of tiger blood and Adonis DNA that got him fired in the spring, saying he was just kidding. Good one, you really had us! [KABC]