Eavesdropping In: The Guidos And Guidettes Get Bodyguards; Will Forte Gets Naked With Celery; Applesauce Scuffle With TSA At Burbank; Jon Lovitz Will Pay For Those Free Dodger Tickets He's Been Enjoying; Kate Gosselin Is Horrid On DWTS

by Emily Green · May 26, 2010

    Unfortunately, we probably won't be seeing too many belligerent brawls or Snooki getting socked in the face by dudes on the next season of "Jersey Shore" since the cast will have 7-10 police officers assigned to them during production 24/7 [TMZ]

    Jorma Taccone, the director of MacGruber, has been going around showing everyone a photo of a naked Will Forte taken on set during a nude scene involving a piece of celery... Normal. [NYPost]

    A woman is being fined $2,500 and faces up to $10,000 in civil penalties as a result of a tussle she had with TSA agents at Burbank Airport; when they tried to take away her elderly mother's applesauce, cheese, and milk, things got physical. How much would you have loved seeing this mess go down while waiting in the security line? [KTLA]

    Jon Lovitz and a group of 100 other individuals are being sued for $100k by the Dodgers' ticket agency for allegedly failing to cough up the agreed upon amount for three 2010 season dugout club seats at Dodger Stadium. Classy. [Huffington Post]

    Why is it such a shocking revelation to the producers, dancers, and everyone else involved in "Dancing With The Stars" that Kate Gosselin is a total bitch? There was an entire reality TV series based on that exact premise [Popeater]