Eavesdropping In: Tiger Blames Infidelity On Golf; Ronni Chasen Murder Case "Wide Open"; Judge OK's Hollywood Blvd Performers; Bristol Upsetting Fellow Dancers; Sonja Morgan Files For Bankruptcy, Blames John Travolta

by Emily Green · November 18, 2010

    Tiger Woods blames his infidelity on the sport of golf. He actually wrote it in an essay for Newsweek. Yes, ON GOLF! [Post]

    Detectives make little headway in the investigation of publicist Ronni Chasen's murder by gunshot in Beverly Hills [LATimes]

    Judge rules street performers dressed in character costumes along Hollywood Blvd's Walk of Fame are within constitutional rights [KTLA]

    Looks like Bristol Palin is causing some DWTS drama and pissing off her fellow dancers left and right. Like mother like daughter...? [PE]

    Our favorite "Real Housewife" of NY (besides cray cray Kelly Bensimon, obviously) Sonja Morgan files for bankruptcy and blames John Travolta [CBuzz]