Eavesdropping In: Twitter Study Shows Happiness Declining; Baby Mountain Lions Found In Burbank; House GOP Rejects Payroll Tax Cut Deal; 2 Star-Orbiting Planets Discovered; Slave Labor & Sweatshops For Kardashian Products?

by Emily Green · December 21, 2011

    Even though it's based on written messages of 140 characters or less, a new study finds happiness is on the decline after tracking a supposedly quantifiable tone in 4.6 billion Tweets over the last three years. [HuffPo]

    Urban Lion Alert!: A pair of roughly 10-week-old malnourished mountain lion cubs found under a car in Burbank and rescued by animal control services to get healthy. Get well soon, Simba(s). [KTLA]

    John Boehner and House Republicans reject a Senate-passed bi-partisan package extending a payroll tax cut for another two months. [LATimes]

    Scientists discover two planets comparable to the size of Earth orbiting a star similar to the sun, supporting the possibility of finding life on other planets. [KABC]

    A human rights group has launched an investigation into the Chinese factories where the various products under the Kardashian brands are made amid claims of slave labor, child labor and unsanitary, horrifying work conditions. [TMZ]