Eavesdropping In: Was Miley Cyrus Ever Tamed?; Ralphs Is Busted; Leo Gives Up Movie Seats With A Smile; Obama Refuses To Play Golf With Limbaugh

by Emily Green · May 12, 2010

    Evidently, Miley Cyrus couldn't be tamed long before that stupid music video and is quite skilled at giving lap dances based on a different video... [TMZ]

    Would you ask Leonardo DiCaprio to move if he was sitting in your seats at a movie? How about during a preview for his new film? 'Cause it happened four times in one showing at Century City [NYPost]

    "Limbaugh can play with himself" was the response from the Obama camp when the conservative radio host extended an invite to the president to hit the golf course for 18 holes. Oh, snap! [NYPost]

    Alexis Neiers of "Pretty Wild" finally talks to the media about her recent no contest plea for her Bling Ring involvement [Eonline]

    You may have been overcharged for your groceries if you got them at Ralphs [KABC]