"Trophies" By Ryan McGinness Opening Reception At PRISM

by THEO HENDRIX · May 27, 2011

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    Last night, the L.A. art lovers and scenesters who weren't a Open Rankin (or perhaps made it to both?) stepped out for a first glimpse of New York-based artist Ryan McGinness' newest body of works, Trophies, in an opening soiree at PRISM on Sunset.

    Known for his two-dimensional drawings of female figures, McGinness tackles the subject in a new medium and adds a third dimension with Trophies, deconstructing his figure drawings and recombining them in the form of aluminum sculptures painted gold. Surrounding the Trophies throughout the gallery space are golden wall drawings depicting his iconic larger-than-life women figures for an echo effect.

    Guests at the opening reception enjoyed cocktails on the roof as they meandered through the gallery and admired the collection of works. Among the artsy set in attendance were the artist Ryan McGinness, Brent Bolthouse, Shepard Fairey, Carlos Lopez, P.C. Valmorbida, Jared Najjar, Karin Von Berg, Greko Skoavounos, Hedi Gores, Jonathan Brown and Nancy Lucas.

    Ryan McGinness

    Melanie Brister, Karin Von Berg, Skip Dacanay

    Brent Bolthouse, Jack Novak, Jonathan Brown, Ryan McGinness