You Should Know: Ajay Sahgal

by Christie Grimm · March 17, 2016

There are many reasons we love love love Ajay Sahgal. Top two? Number one: Perhaps you've read his much celebrated novel, PoolA hugely smart fictional page turner, bringing to light the all too grim realities of Hollywood culture. If not, seriously do yourself a favor and pick this puppy up. Number two: HiHo! Ajay recently partnered up with the Sugarfish guys (we know, we're already on board) to make what is the BEST cheeseburger out there. Currently, HiHo's in Ojai, but don't you worry, it's coming to LA and NY. Shake Shack and In and Out, watch your back!

Name: Ajay Sahgal
Occupation: Writer (TV); Restaurant Guy (HiHo!)
Place of birth: Toronto, Canada
Instagram / Twitter: @AjaySahgal
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

What do you actually do all day? Write, errands, nap, sell cheeseburgers

Favorite song growing up? Brick house

My biggest secret is… Still a secret 

Why do you live in Los Angeles? I don’t anymore. I live in Ojai. 

My motto is… Travel light, be heavy

My alter ego is… own-nothing man 

The last drink I had was… large and strong

My secret crush is… the woman at the market 

What was your first job? Copywriter, united artists pictures 

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Hike fryman, drive mulholland, eat @ Dan Tana’s 

Coming from? Going to? Shrink appt. → Ojai

What is your favorite work of art? My kids

Who should we know? Duke Stump - vibe guru, lululemon. Dmitri Siegel - vibe guru, sonos. Henry Tamry - ventura spirits