You Should Know: Chelsea Ciara

by Christie Grimm · March 18, 2016

How Chelsea Ciara always manages to get that perfect Lauren Bacall side swept large barrel curl, we will never know. That and a ridiculously glowing complexion that seems to make everything around it look dull. Eh, we suppose being a cosmetologist turned model turned actress doesn't hurt these features.

Name: Chelsea Ciara
Occupation: Cosmetologist / Actress / Jack of All Trades
Place of birth: New York City
Instagram / Twitter: @Chelsea_Ciara
Zodiac Sign: Leo

What do you actually do all day? Always on the go! Usually making someone beautiful

Favorite song growing up? Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Marvin Gaye

My biggest secret is…  I was adopted

Why do you live in Los Angeles? To step out of my comfort zone & accomplish things in a new environment

My motto is… Don’t take anything personal

My alter ego is… a crazy bitch… you don’t wanna meet her female sly stone.

The last drink I had was… a green lemonade w/ ginger

My secret crush is… Tom Hardy

What was your first job? Braiding hair in gym class; official job, a hostess in Times Square

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Rollerblade to the beach, eat good food, watch sunset at Soho House, smoke a joint in Griffith Park.

Coming from? Going to? New York - Everywhere

What is your favorite work of art? La Magie Noir; Rene Magritte

Who should we know? Brilliant Garcia - DT, Visuals - awesome young lady