You should know: Danny Fuentes

by Christie Grimm · March 18, 2016

Have you been to Lethal Amounts? The brainchild of owner, curator, and seriously cool Danny Fuentes, the gallery celebrates the more alt art movements, underground movements set on highlighting more taboo subject matter. Definitely, definitely not your average gallery snooze. We mean, come one. He's got a head tattoo - chances are his shit's going to be pretty awesome, yeah?

Name: Danny Fuentes
Occupation: Gallery owner, Curator at Lethal Amounts, Promoter
Place of birth: Los Angeles
Instagram / Twitter: @LethalAmounts, @LethalAmounts
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

What do you actually do all day? Harass people I admire till they love me!

Favorite song growing up? Skulls - The Misfits

My biggest secret is… I’m an open book… sorta. Shhh!

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Cause there’s a surplus of crazies and never dull.

My motto is… I got a garbage brain driving me insane.

My alter ego is… Peter Murphy and/or Angeyne

The last drink I had was… Old Fashioned

My secret crush is… John Waters <3

What was your first job? Grocery store bag boy

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Go to Ameoba Records!

Coming from? Going to? LA - Worldwide

What is your favorite work of art? LEDA - Joel-Peter Witkin

Who should we know? Christeene Vale, Penelope Gazin