You Should Know: Eric Rutherford

by Christie Grimm · March 14, 2016

The face that launched a thousand ships. How could you not love Eric Rutherford? An event planner, a contributing editor, a model, a popular party guest, and an Instagram sensation - how he finds the time to look this good, who can know.

Name: Eric Rutherford
Occupation: cultural influencer, model and all around nice guy
Instagram / Twitter: @MrRutherford9 / @MrRutherford9
Zodiac Sign: LEO 

What do you actually do all day? Meditate, meet, greet, eat, play, laugh, love, sleep. 

Favorite song growing up? “Don’t Go” by Yaz

My biggest secret is… If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret 

Why do you live in Los Angeles? West Hollywood  

My motto is… Lead with nice, end with kindness

My alter ego is… Wolverine 

The last drink I had was… Shot of tequila… when I was 21 

My secret crush is… you :) 

What was your first job? Playing one door mouse in the play ‘Alice in Wonderland’ 

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Spend it on the beach, surrounded by friends, eating great food, dancing under the full moon 

Coming from? Going to? coming from the gym, going to a meeting 

What is your favorite work of art? My nieces scribble portraits of me on the phone. 

Who should we know? Zachary Crane - an amazing young artist.