You Should Know: Joe Sumner

by Christie Grimm · March 14, 2016

A man of many interests, Joe Sumner has enjoyed quite the fun ride. Touring with his band Fiction Plane. Creating video based apps like Vyclone, and Weev, the latter of which he worked on with close friend Stephen Moyer. Add in an english accent, and ridiculously sweet demeanor, and this entrepreneurial rockstar seems to have it all. 

Name: Joe Sumner
Occupation: Musician / Entrepreneur / Father
Place of birth: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
Instagram / Twitter: @Zepzomer, @JoeVyclone
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius / Prometheus (Cusp)

What do you actually do all day? Practice my handwriting + singing

Favorite song growing up? Negative Creep - Nirvana

My biggest secret is… Oboe

Why do you live in Los Angeles? If you’re English and you stay for more than a month it’s impossible to leave. The weather man!

My motto is… Just don’t be a dick man!

My alter ego is… Myself but more confident and slightly taller

The last drink I had was… Semler Cabernet Sauvignon

My secret crush is… Amy Adams, and my wife, when she’s not looking

What was your first job? Picking up giraffe poo at London Zoo. True.

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Eat a lot + swim in a hot pool

Coming from? Going to? Silicon Beach - Bedrock L.A.

What is your favorite work of art? [See drawing]

Who should we know? My sister Fuschia