You Should Know: Jon Buscemi

by Christie Grimm · March 14, 2016

Jon Buscemi has got the ultra luxury, ultra cool accessories market locked down. Literally. No doubt you've seen his eponymous line's signature gold lock detailing rocked by the crème de la crème of streetwear icons, from Kanye West to Jourdan Dunn. Hence, his intimidatingly cool demeanor, which, not going to lie, has had us questioning our own cool clout as of late. Are we as cool as Jon? That would be an impossible 'no.' Are we cool enough to pull off one of his Aero Backpacks? We'll give that a possible 'possibly.' 

Name: Jon Buscemi
Occupation: Founder / Creative Director, BUSCEMI
Place of birth: Long Island, NY
Instagram / Twitter: @Buscemi
Zodiac Sign: Libra

What do you actually do all day? Worry, Think, React, Worry, Think, React, Stop, Repeat

Favorite song growing up? Ambrosia, “The Biggest Part of Me”

My biggest secret is… I’d rather be a rapper...

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Hancock Park, 90036

My motto is… It’s better to ask for forgiveness than ask for permission

My alter ego is… Michael McDonald / Shawn Carter hybrid

The last drink I had was… Golden Eye Pinot Noir 2011

My secret crush is… Alyssa Milano

What was your first job? 7-11, Meat Slicing / Sandwich Maker 1989-91

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do?
Breakfast: Republique
Lunch: Parks BBQ Korean
Dinner: Giorgio Baldi

Coming from? Going to? The office - Paris for PFW

What is your favorite work of art? Dan Colen, “Gum Painting” 2008

Who should we know? Robert Keith