You Should Know: Landis

by Christie Grimm · March 17, 2016

Grindr, the gay hook-up app with the ultra-accurate GPS system and astounding number  of over a million users per minute, just went chic. They hired PR Consulting in New York for their press and got Landis Smithers to leave Pepsi to become their Vice President of Marketing. As you can see, the job definitely comes with perks. Grindr already live streamed J.W. Anderson’s AW16 menswear show from London. So thank Landis. Grindr 2.0: dick pics with a side of fashion.

Name: Landis
Occupation: VP, Marketing at Grindr
Place of birth: NYC, NY
Instagram / Twitter: @LandisSmithers
Zodiac Sign: Cancer/Leo Cusp (Under a Full Cake Moon)

What do you actually do all day? Connect / create

Favorite song growing up? I didn’t have a childhood. I was always full grown.

My biggest secret is… not something I’m telling you, buy me a drink first.

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Why does anyone live in Los Angeles?

My motto is… Nihil ex Nihilo (read John Gardner’s “Grendel”)

My alter ego is… Auntie Mame (read Rosalind Russell version, watch)

The last drink I had was… an hour ago.

My secret crush is… not who you think.

What was your first job? In a bookstore. Bliss.

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Move to NYC

Coming from? Going to? Work. Bed.

What is your favorite work of art? Anything by Ross Bleckner.

Who should we know? My mother. Good luck. She’s picky.