You Should Know: Lisa Solberg

by Christie Grimm · March 17, 2016

We're unabashedly obsessed with Lisa Solberg. No shame at all. One scroll through this abstract expressionistic artist's Instagram feed, and we were hooked. If only we had the room for one of her large scale paintings in our apartment. But alas, perhaps we'll have to settle for one of her smaller watercolors on paper. Got to love an artist who comes in a myriad of no nonsense sizes - you'll find her work classified by XL, L, M, and S.

Name: Lisa Solberg -
Occupation: Artist
Place of birth: Chicago  
Instagram / Twitter: @ActressModelDJ
Zodiac Sign: Pisces 

What do you actually do all day? wanderdaydream 

Favorite song growing up? Janice Japlin - Mercedes Benz 

My biggest secret is… I am Michael Jordan 

Why do you live in Los Angeles? For my career 

My motto is… Go big or go home 

My alter ego is… Coco Bunny  

The last drink I had was… Orange juice 

My secret crush is…  

What was your first job? Building ski’s for my dad’s company.   

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Ride a helicopter around all day. 

Coming from? Going to? From Vietnam to Tokyo. 

What is your favorite work of art? MLSL_05_Malice 

Who should we know? Jeffrey Hastings, Artist