You Should Know: Miles Fisher

by Christie Grimm · March 15, 2016

Ugh. Look at that face. You can see the movie now. The one from high school you LOVED desperately, never let know, time moves on, you go your separate ways, something tragic happens - death, illness -  somehow you appear in each others lives, and BAM, turns out he loved you the whole time too. And no, we're not talking about Luca the lab. To Nicholas Sparks, you're welcome. To every other crazy person who SOMEHOW hasn't come across Miles Fisher's angel face, you're welcome too.

Name: Miles Fisher
Occupation: Actor
Place of birth: Dallas
Instagram / Twitter: @MilesFisher, @MilesFisher
Zodiac Sign: Cancer

What do you actually do all day? TBD...

What do you actually do all day? TBD...

Favorite song growing up? “This Must be the Place” by Talking Heads

My biggest secret is… Miles isn’t my first name, or second...

Why do you live in Los Angeles? It’s where I met my wife.

My motto is… Dum Vivimus Vivamus

My alter ego is… Jewish

The last drink I had was… New Years

My secret crush is… Queen Rania of Jordan

What was your first job? The Andover Shop, a haberdashery in Cambridge, Mass.

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? You mean, there’s a tomorrow?

Coming from? Going to? Brentwood to Downtown LA

What is your favorite work of art? American Founding Father portrait

Who should we know? Don’t worry about it, you can google it.