You Should Know: Pamela Des Barres

by Christie Grimm · March 16, 2016

It doesn't get more legendary than having been the rock groupie to have influenced Kate Hudson’s character Penny Lane in Cameron Crowe’s "Almost Famous." Though considering Pamela Des Barre's bestseller “I’m With The Band” documents her backstage flings with Mick Jagger, Jimmy Paige, Keith Moon and more -  it makes more than perfect sense. A onetime nanny to Frank Zappa’s kids, Pamela has written numerous books and even launched a clothing line called, what else, Groupie Couture. Now a rockstar in her own right, these days, “I’m with Pamela" is only the backstage pass you'll need.

Name: Pamela Des Barres
Occupation: Author / Teacher / Speaker / Entertainer / Queen of the groupies!
Place of birth:
Instagram / Twitter: @PamelaDesBarres, @PamelaDesBarres
Zodiac Sign: Virgo / Leo / Sag

What do you actually do all day? Write, dance, teach, perform, read.

Favorite song growing up? Like a Rolling Stone - Dylan / Treat Me Nice - Elvis / Love Came to Me - Dion

My biggest secret is… I’ve already told all

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Born here.

My motto is… PAY ATTENTION

My alter ego is… Walt Whitman - my Walter Ego

The last drink I had was… My famous Vodka punch

My secret crush is… Jesus - he’s always alive. Elvis, Jack White.

What was your first job? Painting Batman Boots 

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Does Disneyland count? I also love The Mouse! (+ another Walt!)

Coming from? Going to? Lunch with Bryan Rabin - going to casa Des Barres for a TV meeting

What is your favorite work of art? Starry Starry Night

Who should we know? Mike Stinson (singer - songwriter), Michael Des Barres