You Should Know: Sloane Angell

by Christie Grimm · March 15, 2016

After almost a decade in Manhattan, working that good old fashion grind on the design team over at Marc Jacobs, Sloane moved to Los Angeles to launch the ultra luxe menswear brand Mercer Market, a line of clothing based on beautifully constructed wardrobe staples. Looks like for our shoot, somebody got a little scrappy with his Mercer Market Pocket Tank. Gotta say, we're into it.

Name: Sloane Angell
Occupation: Clothing Designer
Place of birth: Virginia, USA
Instagram / Twitter: @SloaneAngell@MercerMarket
Zodiac Sign: VIRGO

What do you actually do all day? Draw, take care of my pup and run my business! 

Favorite song growing up? Jumping Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones 

My biggest secret is… no secrets!! 

Why do you live in Los Angeles? I was chasing a girl and fell in love.  

My motto is… “The Sun Also Rises” 

My alter ego is… Hollister Fonekuds, my porn name 

The last drink I had was… A martini... always 

My secret crush is… My wife, not a secret! 

What was your first job? Working at a pet store 

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Tacos, beach, convertible, the rest is details. 

Coming from? Going to? Gym to office

What is your favorite work of art? Robert Longo… Perfect Gods

Who should we know? Ike Ude, our recent Artist series collaboration