You Should Know: Tom Lutz

by Christie Grimm · March 14, 2016

Remember those university dreams? Living a desperately romantic life devoted to literature? Writing, reading, discovering new talent and developing new voices? You may have given up on said dream, but Tom Lutz didn't. A writer, critic, professor, and founder of The Los Angeles Review of Books, he's clearly a card carrying member of the Literati. For even more Lutz, and a brilliant addition to your podcast queue, might we recommend LARB's Radio Hour? Trust us, he's as clever as he is suave.

Name: Tom Lutz
Occupation: Writer, Editor, Profe
Place of birth: New Jersey
Instagram / Twitter: @TomLutzzz
Zodiac Sign: Aries / Pisces

What do you actually do all day? I work in bed or in the tub.

Favorite song growing up? Communication Breakdown / Led Zeppelin

My biggest secret is… I have no secrets

Why do you live in Los Angeles? Can’t help it.

My motto is… Productive procrastination

My alter ego is… The guy in the Dos Equis ads.

The last drink I had was… Ten minutes ago.

My secret crush is… Hillary

What was your first job? Delivering (the now extinct) newspapers

If you had one day left to live in LA, what would you do? Oy, I’m too old for this question

Coming from? Going to? UC Riverside, where I teach - A trip across a dozen Pacific islands

What is your favorite work of art? Henry James’s Ambassadors

Who should we know? The Los Angeles Review of Books!