The GenArt Party In Miami For Art Basel Draws Eclectic Crowd

by Rachelle Hruska · December 8, 2008

    Go HERE for more photos of this event!

    Eric Spear and I had so much fun in Miami this weekend.  Coming into the cold wind of NYC last night was not the most pleasant homecoming, however it's still good to be home working next to a live PINE Christmas tree, and not a Palm in disguise.  One of our favorite parties on Saturday night was GenART's Vanguard Art Fair party presented by Ian Gerard and FAGE.  The party brought an extremely diverse crowd ("What the hell is a child doing here!") and Charcoal Studios was large enough that you didn't feel crammed next to Miami hot things like some.  There was even a small pool to walk around inside!

    More story and photos below:

    The cocktails ranged from Bombay Sapphire to all kinds of energy drinks, Peroni beer and Smartwater.


    GEN ART VANGUARD 08 EXHIBITORS Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles, California "KNOW" Exhibition by Murphy Art Books - San Diego, California M Modern Gallery - Palm Springs, California Thinkspace Gallery - Los Angeles, California Yves Laroche Gallery - Montreal, Canada Antikulture Gallery - Miami, Florida Pop Art Studios & Gallery - Miami, Florida The Satellite Gallery - Asheville, NC

    Live Performances: Lebo Graffiti Research Lab

    Stay tuned for more Art Basel coverage tomorrow!