"Best $2k I Ever Spent" Day & Night Moves To South Beach To Show Them How Brunches Are Done, Manhattan Style

by Rachelle Hruska · March 30, 2009


    UPDATE: Even with the twins in South Beach, the brunch party at Merkato 55 in NYC was still packed out the door on Saturda.y [Grub] We told you all about the Day & Night party that the Koch Brothers were moving south with to Miami for the Winter Music Conference this weekend.  You think that we were just going to leave you hanging with the flyer? No way.  Steven was down there in on the action at Baoli's VITA, along with DJ Messkid and DJ Nick Cohen who helped show South Beach how we do brunch Manhattan style. A mix of locals, Euros, S Americans, and of course, Merkato regulars, came together to enjoy an afternoon of music mixing, tropical drinks served in aquarium sized containers,and 83 degree weather.

    More story and photos below....

    Owner Unik (of Merkato 55 fame) was present, and did some skilled dancing on the bar before speaking on behalf of his charity to help Haitian People, along with Alexandra Richards, Jamie Biden (guitarist of Bloddy Social), Matt Rowean, Alessandra Ambrosio, Hope Kelley and photographer David X Prutting from NYC.

    At one point the locals made the "Straw across the World" leading from one of fish tank drinks across, around, and over everyone on the patio to someone who seemed to have the ability to draw the liquid through the engineering marvel and got himself a drink! By the success of this party, it will most likely not be the last for South Beach.