Aoki Showers Hipsters In Champagne At Ultra Music Festival

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 30, 2010

    The Cobrasnake and his super sexy blonde muse danced on stage to Steve Aoki Saturday at the Ultra Music Festival. As if the streets of downtown Miami weren't packed enough with scantily dressed women and highlighter-colored clothing, the group brought an added mix of "hipster cheer" to the festival.


    Saturday included sets by Steve Aoki, Beny Bennassi, Diplo, and the Bloody Beetroots. Aoki's exclusive set sent the drunken, coked-out masses into DJ hysteria. The Cobrasnake and his newest must hyped up the crowd with their ultra cool Cobrashop clothing, Doc Martens, and effortlessly misshapen hair.

    Prior to Steve Aoki's set, Marky-Poo tweeted about the "wet and wild" Dim Mak party:

    @thecobrasnake Heading to the dimmak wmc party at louis Let's get wet and wild spring break baby!

    He then enjoyed the sights of Aoki's naked body:

    @thecobrasnake I'm backstage with @steveaoki its my dream come true ! And he is naked!

    Finally, he made sure to tell fans to "throw shit" at him during Steve's set:

    @thecobrasnake Huge crowd at ultra fest for @steveaoki. I'm on stage throw shit at me

    Mark's palm-tree printed pants were, most obviously, the hit of the day.

    Looks like the crowd needed a refreshing champagne bath...

    American pride = denim, headbands, and hipsters. Wait...where's the PBR?

    Getting a little lastnightsparty on us, huh, Mark?

    "Look mom! My hair matches my glow-sticks!"

    [All photos via the Cobrasnake]