Chris Scianni Resurrects The 90's

by Joseph Russell · August 5, 2008

    stephen talkhouseIt's fitting that Chris Scianni has jammed with Joe Cocker, Steely Dan, and Blind Melon, as his own music shares much of these bands' low key, free-wheeling acoustic vibe. Listening to songs like "Let's Make A Deal," with its fun, lighthearted lyrics and steel drumming reminds me of the best of mid-nineties pop. Scianni's voice is nothing particularly memorable -it's slightly thin, and raspy, but his instrumentals are surprisingly polished, and occasionally innovative. If you like Citizen King, Lou Reed, Eve 6, or Sublime, (and really, how can't you?) you will totally dig Scianni. He's playing at the Talkhouse tonight at 11, and tickets are only $10.

    [Image via Chris Scianni]