Joanna Newsom "Sabotages" Us At Hiro For Paper Magazine's "Beautiful People" Party

by Rachelle Hruska · April 3, 2008

    joanna newsom [Photo by Alex Iravani for GofG]

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    Last night, Hiro was the setting for Paper Magazine's April Issue "Beautiful People" with singer Joanna Newsom as the cover girl. Joanna serenaded a packed crowd full of hundreds of "Beautiful" New Yorkers. In the article titled: "The Wood Nymph, The Harp, and The Wardrobe", Joanna gets candid about how she thinks she had "sabotaged the system" by "getting up in front of people and playing my harp and singing my weird fucking songs." There was no sabotaging going on last night as her talent quickly quieted the large crowd of inebriated party goers. Stay tuned for more pictures from the event in our gallery.