New Information in Murder of Tupac Implicates Diddy

by MADDY MADISON · March 18, 2008


    The L.A. Times has broken an exclusive on new evidence supporting the (widely acknowledged) claim that Sean Combs/P. Diddy was responsible for the murder of Tupac Shakur way back in 1994. Though no one's alleging Combs fired the fatal shot, the Times implicates Diddy and his "associates" for the beating and slaying that sent such a ripple through pop culture during the mid-nineties. Since that time, there has been no official police charge leveled at anyone involved. This article is the first account of newly-revealed information implicating Combs and relies on FBI documents, witness statements, and a confidential informant. According to the report, Shakur was to be "lured" to the Quad recording studio under false pretenses and then beaten and robbed, with a $7,000 payout to the assailant. A member of Shakur's crew agreed to aid the attacker(s) and kept them informed of the rappers whereabouts all evening. The report levels accusations at two of Combs' close confidantes, music industry insider James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond and promoter James Sabatino, himself currently serving time for various crimes outside the scope of Shakur's murder.

    Full Story: An Attack on Tupac Shakur Launched a Hip-Hop War [L.A. Times]