Steve Forbert Will Bring Romeo's Tune To The Talkhouse

by Joseph Russell · June 27, 2008

    american pop singer steve forbertSteve Forbert's been around since the late 70's, and with 12 studio releases and ten stellar live albums, I'm not sure why he isn't better known. He's got Dylan's knack for poignant ramblings, coupled with a more pleasant, if less distinct voice. His guitar skills are far beyond solid, and he's a master at the catchy, sweeping chorus. If you dig Mark Knophler's solo stuff, or Steven Stills', I guarantee you'll like this guy. Prove me right tonight at the Talkhouse; he goes on at 8. 

    [Image via Steve Forbert]


    Artist: Steve Forbert 

    Song: Midsummer Night's Toast