Suddyn Brings The Luck Of The Irish To Montauk

by Joseph Russell · August 4, 2008

    montauk bandMost musicians in search of fame and fortune head to New York or L.A.; Montaukers Alan (lead vocals, piano) and Jarrett Steil (backing vocals, guitar) went to Dublin. It proved to be a smart move. Soon after arriving, the brothers met up with their Irish soulmates, Colin O Dwyer (bass) and Brendan Connolly (drums) and formed the brooding rock band, Suddyn, whose Spacehog-meets-Snow Patrol-meets Damien Rice songs such as "Drowning Souls" and "Gravity" quickly rose to the top of the Irish charts.

    While Suddyn can occasionally veer into the melancholic swamp that is Snow Patrol's bread and butter, the majority of their songs are soaring, richly instrumental anthems that manage to be wistful and poignant rather than self-indulgent. Hoping to build on their overseas success, the boys are now touring stateside, and you can catch them at the Talkhouse tonight at 10.

    [Image via Montauk Bake Shoppe]