When White Buffalo Met Dylan Lauren

by Joseph Russell · June 20, 2008

    white buffalo at surf lodge [Photo by Rob Rich]

    Judging from Rob Rich's pictures, it seems like Surf Lodge isn't in danger of relinquishing its hotspot crown any time soon. Saturday, the great and growly White Buffalo played on the deck to a diverse crowd of Hypnotic-sipping artists, designers, hipsters, and socialites. Scott Campbell, Tracy Feith, Sasha Lazard (who almost made me want to buy a maxi dress), and the gen Y Laurens (not to mention SL owner Jamie Mulholland)...it seems Surf Lodgers are as chicly low-key as the place itself. Rachelle and I have our hopes set on a Friday afternoon wifi session.

    White Buffalo at Surf Lodge, MontaukWhite Buffalo at Surf Lodge, Montaukbo-lee-michelle-kelban-carolyn-weiser-jennifer-falcone-and-frienddylan lauren at surf lodgeWhite Buffalo at the Surf Lodge, Montaukamity-marmuscak-jill-haber-gambrella-snyder-stephanie-post-deborah-stankecaitlyn-lucassalmonacoandrewjoblanpaulgoscar-de-lucio-nine-truman-and-jjJamie Mulholland with the Laurens at Surf Lodge, Montauk

    [All Photos by Rob Rich]