Nantucket, Brought To You By Kerry Cassidy

by Joseph Russell · May 29, 2008

    [Image via Buzzard Bay]

    Monday was memorial day, one of those holidays for which I’m not exactly sure what we are celebrating (I just learned cinqo de mayo does not mean tequila day), but I’m all for supporting/remembering our troups (hay hay USA). Memorial day also means everyone has work off and can attend/throw fabulous BBQs. Not only did I get to indulge in some sloppy BBQ’d food without spilling it on my white pants (that’s right ladies, Mem day is also the official day to break out those babies), but I was lucky enough to enjoy laughs with friends and family on Nantucket. Nantucket Island, besides being its usual fabulous self, was celebrating the annual Figawi race, where sailors go from Hyannis to Nantucket. The race was named after a fictional tribe of nomads. It brings the Nantucket red, pinstripe wearing, Ralph modeling men out of the woodwork. After celebrating the 3 day long race with several other Island goers, a few too many cocktails, and a man in whale shorts who felt the need to lift me off the ground and spin me like a rag doll before he jumped into a full split, I found myself asking where the FIGAWI, better yet where the fug am i?

    This Memorial Day was no doubt a blast, no matter where you celebrated it; as long as you were surrounded by good friends, family and many men (hopefully with moves to kill), you undoubtedly had as great a time as I did.

    Now that the season of summer has kicked off, don’t go running to your snowbird shack too soon, there is still plenty to do in the city! Highlights of the upcoming weeks include the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 2008 Spring Ball at the Plaza today, where Natasha Bedingfield will be performing (and I heard she’s bringing a whole bag full of sunshine). On Friday make your way through the wonder of Westchester to the Harvey School in Katonah to Orphans in Transition, a benefit for orphans in Rwanda, tickets are not expensive and it’s a great cause. On Saturday, yes that’s right THIS Saturday break out your mom’s Judith Leiber and throw on your sparkliest gown for the black tie Pink Diamond Ball to benefit breast cancer. Ladies it’s super important to support this cause, and boys, ladies will need dates, someone to dance with, etc, show up and help make a difference, tickets are $750, but only $150 if you are 35yrs on age or younger!! This week will be a busy one; don’t even get me started on next week! ..

    Make Love Not War

    Written by Kerry Cassidy