Ann Dexter Jones, Charlotte Ronson, And Ashley Turen's Holiday Fashion Fete

by Ramya Velury · December 15, 2011

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    Last night designers Ann Dexter Jones, Charlotte Ronson, Timo Weiland, and Alan Eckstein came together to celebrate the holidays by showcasing their fashions at Ashley Turen's boutique on Stanton Street.

    Also in attendance were What Goes Around Comes Around co-founders Gerard Maione and Seth Weisser. Featuring a curated selection of vintage that will change seasonally, What Goes Around Comes Around will have a permanent pop-up shop with Ashley Turen.

    Guests included Gregory Littley, Leesa Rowland, Seth Levine, Robin Cofer, Kathleen Giordano, Michelle Javian, Alan Philips, Gelareh Mizrahi Courtney McGowan, and Chelsea Burcz.

    [Charlotte Ronson, Ashley Turen]

    [Phyllis Lasser, Buffi Jashanmal, Rosie Culverhouse]

    [Ann Dexter Jones, Ashley Turen]

    [Annabelle Dexter Jones]

    [Alan Eckstein, Ashley Turen, Timo Weiland]

    [Ann Dexter Jones]

    [Courtney McGowan, Chelsea Burcz]