Art Rocks New York 2011 At The Bowery Hotel

by Roxana Hernandez · May 13, 2011

    Go Here for more photos from the event by Benjamin Gustafsson, and tag yourself and your friends!

    Last night the Bowery Hotel held the Art Rocks! New York 2011 benefit and art auction hosted by fashion designer Chris Benz and Rachel Zoe's former assistant, fashion consultant Brad Goreski. Some of last night's attendees included Cuba Gooding Jr. and Johnny Weir who partied like rockstars while Kanon Vodka provided unlimited drinks. -

    On the roster of amazing young artists who auctioned off their Digital or Internet work were: Andrew Kuo, Brandan Lynch, Austin Peters, Gordon Stevenson, Rafael Rozendaal, Sterling Crispin and Rene Abythe.

    Brad Goreski

    Johnny Weir , Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Chris Benz

    As for the art:

    "These artist are the new generation of modern art. They work in a medium that many don't usually associate with fine art; digital or internet art." Emmett Shine co-curator

    Rafael Rozendaal

    Brendan Lynch, Sterling Crispin

    Ryder Ripps